About Coach Giesler.

coach-michael-giesler-personal-trainerMichael Giesler is the owner of Elite Fitness Training & Coaching. He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist holding a degree in kinesiology and sports studies. He has been in the fitness and coaching industry for 25+ years.

In that time, he has seen a little bit of everything.

Michael personally holds multiple titles and records as a NCAA Division 1 Track and Field Decathlete as well as further leveraging his programs from 1991-2006 as a highly successful Division 1 and Big 10 track and field coach specializing in performance and strength training for countless record holders, All-Americans and Olympians.

Recognized as one of the premier trainers in Illinois, Michael has established an outstanding reputation due to his no-nonsense approach to training, unique perspective on strength training, program design, corrective exercise expertise, and amazing results with metabolic fat-loss programs. His programs apply kinesiology and biomechanics as they relate to improving human movement which empowers all aspects of being the best athlete you can be.

In 2006 he began working in the field of Personal Training, providing private one-on-one sessions with adults in the direction of strength training, fat loss, injury prevention, and improving their quality of life.

Michael creates all of his programs with passion and purpose. His goal is to help you wade through the less effective training so you can simplify and dominate both in and out of the gym.

He has continued training athletes of all ages and has recently added semi-private, small group training which has allowed him to assist mothers, fathers, adults, and athletes of all ages in achieving their highest levels of fitness and health performance.