Powerlifting Program.

We develop progressive, year-round programs for men and women lifters, ranging from beginner strength to Olympic level athletes.

strength-training-urbana-illinoisThe goal is to provide the right amount of training customized to each individual athlete based on their past performance, present state fitness level and tied to short and long term goals.

Fact: Cookie-cutter diets, decades-old powerlifting nutritional myths, and social media hearsay have clouded effective and simple strategies for nutrition.

Powerlifting Gyms in CHampaign IllinoisWe take a science-based approach to nutrition for the drug-free performance athlete with programs designed to make you lean and strong through a balanced approach to nutrition with weekly adjustments to macronutrient intake to ensure adequate recovery, and no-stress weigh-ins before meets.

Our dieting approach will make you happierĀ  and healthier. As a result, athletes can diet for longer periods of time with no adverse effects.

powerlifting-coaches-in-champaign-illinoisjpgYou are your own competition both on and off the platform. We ensure you are mechanically efficient in muscle recruitment and strength to properly pass through more complete ranges of motion with lower risk of injury.

Our programs will provide for this through elements of traditional stretching, movement rehearsal, myofascial release, banded distraction and band-assisted mobility work, among other specialized techniques to optimize your body’s movement.

Urbana Illinois Athletic Performance GymPowerlifters are looking for a combination of scientific data and real world application and experience. We have trained with and provided training in regards to programming and technique coaching to some of the strongest men and women in the country. This includes training, nutrition, programming, mobility and technique help.

champaign-illinois-powerlifting-coach-gymAdditionally, we have helped lifters who have plateaued with current training, to regain momentum and keep adding weight to the bar or drop bodyfat without losing accumulated strength.

If you need help with your training, whether it is preparing for a competition or breaking your own PR, we can help you achieve and beat your goals.