Sports Athletic Performance Program.

No matter if you are an elite athlete or an average performer looking for an elite advantage, we can help you take your athletic performance to the next level.

We offer sport-relevant training programs for anyone and everyone, regardless of sport, age, gender, skill level, or goals.

Champaign Illinois Athletic Performance TrainingOur sports performance programs are designed for youth, middle school, high school, and elite athletes, as well as adults and teams — on and off season — to ensure maximum results. Even if you already have an athletic team coach, we can work as an extension of their program to compliment their vision for your success.

Best Health Club In Champaign UrbanaMaybe you’re an awesome athlete getting ready to compete at the college level or qualify for the Olympics. Maybe you you wants to make varsity next year or, maybe you don’t want to compete in athletics at all, but want to be stronger and faster. No matter what your goal is, we can help.

champaign-illinois-athletic-sports-performance-trainingOur programs are designed to help all athletes achieve tangible results and stay continuously updated through help from world-renowned sports performance coaches whose backgrounds include personally setting Division 1 records, coaching numerous elite and professional athletes, collegiate national champions, and All-Americans.

And unlike most gyms, our coaches have degrees and certifications. They understand that while they should push athletes to the limit, effective training also requires positive reinforcement and the use of safe methods that cater to each athlete’s individual age and learning.

champaign-youth-sports-fitness-trainingEvery client is evaluated and program built based on cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility and body composition.

Each program is custom tailored to your performance needs, placing high-priority on technique, coordination, balance, relative strength, and essential muscular movement patterns. We design them to actively challenge effort and coordination using fundamentals that are vital to improving performance and preventing injury. And because no two programs or sessions are alike, the underlying mechanics enable improved exercise technique, overall metabolism and core body composition to provide peak physical stimulus that pushes the absolute limitations of elite athletic performance.

personal-trainer-for-woman-in-champaignThe programs are combined with maximal intensity, recovery and regeneration methods based on your age level and needs, and place the highest emphasis on applied and measurable performance, secondarily fine-tuning movement. Timelines to reach your short and long-term goals are accelerated based on your competitive schedules and real-time demands.

bodybuilding-syms-urbana-illinoisDue to the calculated and challenging nature of these workouts, most training sessions are conducted in our facility using critical elements of linear speed, multi-directional skill development, strengthening, bodyweight resisted power development, energy system development, and speed ratios that apply to your specific sport demands. We also provide the flexibility in our programs to compliment clients who travel, live remotely or prefer home gyms.

Our work is never done, and to better serve you, we’ll always be adding new twists, features, and supplementing your program to ensure we are always offering our you the best of what’s available in the sports performance, health and fitness world regardless of your sport.