A Look Inside Our Gym.

FACT: Most of today’s gyms are tailored to only one or two types of training. They’re geared to attract the “average Joe” aka mass production and fad workouts.


Because they want to get as many people in the door as they can. The reason for this is because they have an extremely high overhead and “quitter rate.” It’s also why most places require a long-term contract – another tactic to drive “client retention.”

What they don’t understand is, by tailoring their programs and equipment to attract the masses, they’re actually damaging their business because they aren’t setting their clients up for long-term success. Instead they place all focus on the success of their business. To keep clients engaged, they are constantly buying the latest fad equipment, which puts their business in a constant wheel of client turnover.

Elite Fitness Training and Coaching is an ever-evolving, high-performance training facility designed for all levels of fitness, goal sets and continual improvement. Our systems and workouts are designed using the core fundamentals and sciences of athletic performance. This means we only focus on the absolute necessary, with the no-frills modern equipment needed to drive maximum output in your workouts.

Simply put, we believe less is more.

And our business model is the exact opposite of 99% of personal trainers and gyms out there. We don’t believe in contracts, we believe in personal sacrifices and undying commitment. We believe the only way our business can be successful is to see you succeed and go beyond.

Check out a few photos below of our spacious training facility, which is constantly evolving and expanding to better serve your needs.

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If you see what you like, we invite you to come on out to see things for yourself. All you need to do is click here to schedule a free trial workout.